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Mindful Writing Challenge January 2014: Small Stones 18-24

Again this week I’ve been enjoying writing a “small stone” each day, and thought I’d share another handful with you today. (Not sure what this is all about? You can read more on the Writing Our Way Home January “Small Stones” tradition here, and also check out my original post on the topic.)

Mindful Writing Challenge January 2014

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Day 18

Shopping mall, busy Saturday
Harried parents trailed by small beings
crying, whining, coat-tugging, foot-stomping
“Buy me one!”
“Why can’t I?”
“You never let me have anything!”
And I smile to myself, utterly content
As I walk back to my car

Day 19

pinned in place, warm beneath the bedcovers
held by three furry four-legged hostage-takers
a welcome imprisonment

Day 20

not sure what I expected
when the well-weathered mailbox lid
creaks open with a rusty grind
and nothing of import is revealed

Day 21

rooftops like so many iced cakes
frosted with a layer of snow crystals

but the days have lengthened
five pm, sun-pinked clouds in a newborn blue sky

Spring can’t be far away

Day 22

early morning wakeup call
jingle bell rolls melodically across the bamboo floor
as two kittens play

Day 23

a memory:
sharp-bladed, white leather skates
frigid rink, breath visible as puffs of steam
hot chocolate, creamy-sweet, scalding my tongue

Day 24

from my window
bland winter palette of grey, brown, white
punctuated by the pop of a cheery orange door.

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NaBloPoMo January 2014

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