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Mindful Writing Challenge January 2014: Small Stones 5-10

This week I’ve been enjoying writing a “small stone” every day, and thought I’d share another handful with you today. (Not sure what this is all about? You can read more on the Writing Our Way Home January “Small Stones” tradition here, and also check out my previous post on the topic.)

Mindful Writing Challenge January 2014

Days 1 to 4 – here

Day 5

Stark dark roughness transformed
Softened, brightened
Spiky branches blunted, festooned with plump cottonball clumps

Day 6

crystalline feathers
fairy-etched with a brush of ice-tipped bristles
a chill breath of frost to freeze them in place

Day 7

cocooned in fragrant comfort
warm silken water, coconut-and-lime-scented steam
curtain harshly yanked
chilled onrush of ice-cold air

Day 8

metal stack puffing white smoke dissipates merging with baby blue sky

Day 9

December air
moisture-depleted, electricity-drenched
every touch a spark

Day 10

splotches of caramel and butterscotch
chocolate brown edged with marshmallow white
sweet mama cat

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NaBloPoMo January 2014

Ultimate Blog Challenge

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