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Mindful Writing Challenge January 2014: Small Stones 11-17

Once again I’ve been enjoying writing a “small stone” every day this week, and thought I’d share another handful with you today. (Not sure what this is all about? You can read more on the Writing Our Way Home January “Small Stones” tradition here, and also check out my original post on the topic.)

Mindful Writing Challenge January 2014

Days 1 to 4 – here

Days 5 to 10 – here

Day 11

icicles, grip loosened, liquescent
dripping, dropping

Day 12

Sunday afternoon
soft somnolent hush
dream-beckoning couch, warm blanket, curled-up cats

Day 13

featureless, nothing-coloured sky
dirty mounds of melting snow exposes limp, winter-dead grass
even the birds look depressed

Day 14

crunchy peanut butter
stash of baking sundries in snap-top glass jars
flour-smudged nose, warm oven, parchment-lined baking sheets
and the sweet promise of cookies

Day 15

Who would think that a small cardboard box
left between screen and door after hurried rap of notification
could contain so much joy?

Day 16

try to squeeze and twist and wring that stone
the only blood that drips will be your own

Day 17

fresh snowfall, or
sun-sparkling fairy glitter?

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NaBloPoMo January 2014

Ultimate Blog Challenge

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