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Getting there

We’ve slowly – between work, medical appointments, social engagements, nagging headaches, and general inertia – been plugging away at unpacking the latest (last!) batch of new furniture and setting up our home’s second floor.

I think we’re getting there.

I initially expected that my favourite furniture pieces would be the two nightstands – and in terms of design and function, they’re wonderful – but they’re not quite as good a match to our bed as I’d hoped (they have a much darker, more red finish). You don’t notice it so much in dim light, but it becomes more evident the brighter it gets. I think we’re going to hang on to them, though. We didn’t see anything else we liked as much, that fit into our budget – and they do suit the style of the bed – so I guess we’ll live with the colour difference.

As it turns out, I like my new dresser and mirror the most. I swear, it could well be from the same suite as our bed – it’s the same style, and, though it looks darker in the picture, in reality it’s the exact same colour. Funny, because it’s not even on the same level of the house as the bed – so it really doesn’t matter what it looks like – whereas the nightstands are right beside it and they’re the wrong colour!

I told you, I never claimed to be an interior designer!

The last furniture-related task on our list is to set up the now clean and empty (but still very pink) pink room – assemble the bed frame, unpack and make the bed, and remove the dresser and nightstand from their boxes. Not a big job – I’d say an hour, tops – so really, we’re all but done.

Despite the slight hiccups, it’s been rather exciting seeing our house come together a bit more… so nice to see properly arranged, comfortable rooms instead of an awkward mishmash of junk! We still have a long way to go – and with an old home, we may never truly get there (wherever “there” is!) – but I’m enjoying the process.

The journey – the “getting there” – is half the fun!

Laurel Storey, CZT – Certified Zentangle Teacher. Writer, reader, tangler, iPhoneographer, cat herder, learner of French and Italian, crocheter, needle felter, on-and-off politics junkie, 80s music trivia freak, ongoing work in progress.