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A few more feathers

This afternoon found us, once again, at the Tepperman’s Bargain Annex for yet another furniture shopping excursion. (I do hope that some day soon we’ll be finished with replacing everything we left behind in Victoria!).

Today’s purchases included a double mattress and box spring (we already have a bed frame), nightstand, and small chest of drawers for the pink room, and a dresser with mirror for our dressing room (the small room – too small to be a bedroom – that leads to the stairs up to our attic bedroom). They’ll all be delivered on September 18, which gives me until then to finish clearing out the pink room in preparation for setting it up as a temporary bedroom for my husband (and then as a guest room when he’s able to do the stairs to the attic again).

Guess I should start that little project soon, huh?!

In some ways I’m enjoying the process of feathering our nest, but rather wish we could have spread it out a little more, as it’s a bit of a hit on the pocketbook when you have to buy everything at the same time! Thankfully, though, I do believe we are pretty much done with all of the bigger purchases – at least for the time being. Certainly we have all the major items that are necessary to get us through my husband’s recuperation time.

I must admit, I am really, really, REALLY looking forward to having a dresser again! You don’t realize how nice it is to have your clothes folded and put away properly until you’re unable to do so. Some of my foldable clothes have been living in the linen cupboard, some piled on the shelf in the (tiny) dressing room closet, and the rest usually stay in the basket of clean laundry until I’m ready to wear them, as there’s no place else to store them. Just having this one simple piece of furniture is going to feel like a real luxury!

Maybe it’s good to sometimes do without for a time, so that you’re really grateful for the things you have. I know that I will definitely appreciate my new dresser now that I’ve been without for a year.

I’m thankful, too, that we found the Tepperman’s Bargain Annex. They have some really nice furniture that’s been heavily discounted – it’s just a bit “hit or miss” as to whether or not you’ll find something that suits you. Fortunately we were able to do so on both of our trips, so we ended up getting several nice pieces for a very low cost.

One more thing checked off our “To Do” list!

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