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Today’s Gratitude List + June 2015 Gratitude Linkup

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful dad, who is at the top of today’s gratitude list. He is a terrific father in a whole lot of ways, but in light of the tragedy in Charleston this past week I must say that I am especially grateful to him for instilling the understanding in a very young me that racism is wrong. Awhile back I wrote about that life lesson, and I’d love it if you’d get to know my dad just a tiny bit this Father’s Day by taking a couple of minutes to read my earlier post.

An early lesson on racism

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

In no particular order, here is my own gratitude list for this moment in time. I hope that after reading it you’ll go on to write and share your own!

  • More chances to earn a little extra money via freelancing jobs.
  • A big bag of fresh, juicy, ripe cherries – first of the season! – bought for me by Peter, who always remembers that I adore them.
  • Witnessing the forgiveness and love evidenced by the victims’ families and survivors of the Charleston attack, even in the midst of the deepest heartbreak – truly inspiring and humbling, and a reminder that love is always stronger than hate.
  • Being introduced to this beautiful Irish blessing.
  • Loyalty perks.
  • “If you don’t ask, they can’t say yes.”
  • The fact that “Bring Your Cat to Work Day” is an everyday reality for me, times four!
  • Being approached about possibly collaborating on a fun and exciting project (a secret for the moment, but watch this space!).

Now it’s your turn!

How to get involved in the Gratitude Linkup

Note: This linkup will be open for the entire month, so feel free to add as many gratitude posts as you choose to write in June!

  1. Write and post a gratitude list in your own blog.
  2. Click the “add your link” button below and share your gratitude post.
  3. Click “get the InLinkz code” below and add the linkup code to your post.
  4. Visit and comment on some of the posts listed in the Gratitude Linkup.

P.S.Here’s some background on why I started the Gratitude Linkup.

get the InLinkz code

NaBloPoMo May 2015

Gratitude Circle

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