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Photo Friday: Flowers

My heart has been heavy ever since hearing about the tragic deaths of nine people in a racially-motivated execution which was carried out in the midst of a prayer meeting at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

I will confess, with no small amount of shame, that the sheer frequency of mass shootings in this part of the world has somewhat desensitized me to news of yet another one… yet this particular incident has cut me to the core and left me angry, heartbroken, and frustrated by my own helplessness in effecting change.

When will we learn to love each other?

Today’s Photo Friday challenge prompt of “Flowers” is timely. Though it feels woefully inadequate, I humbly offer my flowers, prayers, and tears in memory of the nine dear souls who were taken from us this week.

Photo Friday: Flowers

Photo Friday: Flowers

Rest in peace.

Photo Friday

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