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Tangled Tuesday No. 33 + 100 Happy Days – Day 95

Today’s happiness is brought to you by friendship in the form of a surprise tangling-related gift that showed up at my door today – “A Year of Tangling” in calendar form! – sent by a couple of dear people I just happen to know and love.

100 Happy Days - Day 96

100 Happy Days – Day 96

What a thoughtful and sweet present! I had no idea whatsoever that it (along with the hilarious “Quick Hip Healing” gift for Peter that was included in the package) was coming, but the fact that it arrived on Tangled Tuesday was rather fortuitous, don’t you think?!

I’ve said it before, and will say it again: in terms of friendship, I am blessed beyond belief. Thank you. 🙂

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Now on to some more Zentangle®1 goodness!

Tangling Goodies

I wasn’t sure whether this should be classified as a tangling goodie or as a finished project, as really, it could be either. This past week I worked with my previously-created tangled alphabet series to develop a new piece I’ve called Tangled Love, and I’m so pleased with how it came together! It’s available on Society6 as an art print and also (if you’ve run out of wall space!) on a wide variety of useful items… such as this mug!

I must admit, I’m rather tickled with it. 🙂

Oh, and in case you missed it… I received several packages of my tangled Holly & Snowflake Stationery Cards from Society6 this week, and was delighted with them! I’ve sent the first ones off in the mail as Christmas greetings, and I hope the recipients love them as well.

(Note: Just in case you were curious, everything I earn from the sales of my tangling goodies goes straight into the fund I’m building to fulfill my goal of becoming a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher). So a sincere and heartfelt “Thank you VERY much!” for all of your support!)

New Tangles

This week I learned On Target, Trimond, Oolo, Trimonds (different from Trimond!), Lealad, Flowervine, and Tipz, all from TanglePatterns.com.


I took several in-progress pics of my latest ZIA this week, like this one…



…and this one…



…and finally this one, where I’d finished the drawing portion and was moving on to shading (with Oscar’s help, apparently).



That led to…

Finished Projects

…the finished piece!

ZIA 25

ZIA 25

I haven’t decided yet whether this one is going to go anywhere or just remain in my portfolio.

(As an aside, Peter keeps telling me that whenever he looks at this picture he thinks of Magical Mystery Tour – now he’s given me an earworm!)

Moving on to The Diva’s Challenge (the last one of the year!)… this week was all about keeping things simple, and here’s the tile I created:

Zentangle 81, for The Diva’s Weekly Challenge #198

Zentangle 81, for The Diva’s Weekly Challenge #198

Definitely simple! I almost didn’t do the challenge this week at all, as I didn’t have time to get to it yesterday and had a really full day again today – but I decided to go for it anyway. Because I was rushing it’s a little sloppier than I would have liked it to be, but I suppose it’s a lot better than nothing!



Previous posts in this series are all tagged Tangled Tuesday.

For background on how I discovered and got involved in Zentangle, and links to further information and resources, check out my blog post For the love of tangling.

You can browse my entire tangle gallery at Ten Thousand Tangles.

And, if you’re interested in having a little piece of my art for yourself, please click on the GoFundMe button below for more information and also visit my Ten Thousand Tangles shops on Society6 and Zazzle. (Pssst… links to my international Ten Thousand Tangles shops on Zazzle are in the Alphabet Salad sidebar – just click on the appropriate flag and you’ll get to the place you need to be!)

So… what made you happy today?
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1The Zentangle® Method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at zentangle.com.

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