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Photo Friday: Blue + 100 Happy Days – Day 91

My choice for today’s Photo Friday “Blue” challenge was actually taken fairly recently – just about a month and a half ago, in fact – in response to a “Something Blue” prompt for the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge. So I apologize to those of you who may have already seen it, but I was so very happy with how the photo turned out that I just had to feature it today!

Photo Friday - Blue

Photo Friday – Blue

And on another note… today’s happiness is brought to you by holding several packages of Holly & Snowflake Stationery Cards – my very own design! – in my hot little hands.

100 Happy Days - Day 91

100 Happy Days – Day 91

I never realized what a thrill it would be to see an end result to a piece of art that I’ve created. To have gone from a blank piece of paper, to a completed design, to an electronic file, to a hypothetical product, to something real and tangible – well, it’s a brand new experience for me, and the feeling is hard to describe. It’s excitement, it’s pride, it’s accomplishment… and it’s all good.

Hope you’re all ready for an amazing weekend!

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