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Photo Friday: Winter + 100 Happy Days – Day 98

This season our little part of the world hasn’t yet seen much in the way of wintry weather – really, just one small snowfall that only stuck around for a short time. There have been some fairly cold temperatures, but also some non-jacket days that totally felt like fall! But last year we had plenty of weather that was suitable for today’s Photo Friday prompt of “Winter” – it was only a matter of deciding which of my pictures to choose.

In the end, I went with one that’s actually rather bittersweet to me – the very first shot I took using my new (at the time) olloclip macro lens.

Photo Friday - Winter

Photo Friday – Winter

This photo is sweet because at the time I was so excited to have my new lens kit (a Christmas gift from my parents last year), eager to start seeing what I could do with the various options the different lenses offered, and feeling my brain stretch creatively as I explored new ways to capture images of the things around me.

But it’s a little bitter, too – because just a few weeks ago the plastic case on my lens kit (the part that attaches the unit to my iPhone) snapped apart, rendering the whole thing completely useless. I was heartbroken. I’ve been in touch with the company to find out whether it’s covered under warranty (since I’d had it for less than a year when it broke), but, possibly due to the time of year, correspondence back and forth has been incredibly slow going and I am starting to lose hope. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

But on to happier things… and they are, indeed, VERY happy! This afternoon at work I received the last delivery from the office prior to my holiday break, and in amongst the usual receipts and bills and miscellaneous bits of paperwork was a separate envelope with a “Merry Christmas Laurel!” message on the outside. Curious, I opened it, and found to my great delight the most amazing selection of art supplies, PLUS a very generous gift card so that I can go shopping for even more!

100 Happy Days - Day 98

100 Happy Days – Day 98

I’ve mentioned in several different gratitude posts just how much I appreciate and am blessed to have my employer, my co-workers, and my job. This is just a small taste as to why I think they’re awesome.

And now, before I head off to start my 17-day vacation (because no matter how much you might love your job, yay for personal time!), remember when I alluded to a very special Christmas gift I was excited to be receiving? Well, it arrived today (along with something I’d ordered to accompany it, which wasn’t actually supposed to be shipped until January) – and I am over the moon! I’ll be writing about it in detail tomorrow, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with a couple of clues as to its identity.

Clue #1

Clue #1

Clue #2

Clue #2

Feel free to share your guesses in the comments section – I’d love to hear what you come up with, and whether anyone will guess correctly – but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s post for the reveal!

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