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Photo Friday: Reflections

Much as I wish I could share a gorgeous close-up water photo for today’s Photo Friday “Reflections” challenge prompt, I’m afraid such pictures are few and far between in my archives. I’m probably a little too paranoid about dropping my iPhone into the depths and losing it forever, so for the most part I tend to shy away from getting close to the water unless my phone is safely tucked away. (It’s a shame, really, as I’m sure I’m missing out on some great shots!)

Then I remembered a reflections photo that would have been seriously PERFECT for the prompt… except that I already shared it in a previous Photo Friday post. Darn!

So the picture I chose, while not quite conventional and a little (no, a lot!) contrived, is rather fun (if I do say so myself). Hope you like it. 🙂

Photo Friday: Reflections

Photo Friday: Reflections

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Photo Friday

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