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Photo Friday: Family

How appropriate (for me, anyway!) that today’s Photo Friday prompt is “Family” – after all, this is my last day of work before a vacation that includes a much-anticipated cross-country visit from my parents and sister! That said, since I just shared my only recent-ish picture of the three of them in my “Eight Photos of Happiness” post a short time ago, I thought I’d head in a different direction for today’s prompt and feature the little family of cats we adopted – beautiful mama Grisabella and her two sweet kittens, Felix and Oscar.

Photo Friday: Family (Felix, Grisabella, Oscar)

Photo Friday: Family (Felix, Grisabella, Oscar)

This photo is rather bittersweet, as just over a year ago our dear Grisabella became very ill and we had to make the difficult decision to let her go – but I’m glad my memories of her live on through the many (many!) photos I took in the all-too-short time she was with us.

Happy Friday!

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Photo Friday

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