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Oregano sprouts

Today’s post is brought to you by (surprise, surprise!) my newly-sprouted oregano seeds! As with the sweet basil I wrote about yesterday, the oregano was planted this past Sunday, and the sprouts became visible this morning.

04-12-2012 Oregano

Yay, oregano!

Regarding the chives – rather than sow the seeds on top of the soil like I was instructed to do with the other three herbs, I followed the directions on the seed packet and planted them 1/4″ down. There are a couple of teensy-weensy green shoots poking up through the soil in the chive container, but as everything else is under the surface and there’s not a lot to see, I won’t bother posting a photo of the chives-to-be until they’re a bit more visible.

Still no sign of life from the parsley. Fingers crossed!

I’m really enjoying the developments in this mini herb garden of mine. And my husband is busy with plans for his container garden, which we’re hoping to work on this weekend. If the two of us are successful in our ventures we should be enjoying some yummy homegrown salads this summer!

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