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#MicroblogMondays 64 – Hopping aboard a different ship

I had flash of insight this past weekend. I suppose it wasn’t particularly deep or world-changing, but it was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me, so I thought I’d share in the hope that it might speak to others.

I’ve always thought the saying, “that ship has sailed” is suggestive of regrets and the wistful sadness of opportunities missed, chances not taken, dreams unfulfilled.

But the other day I realized that, when looked at from another angle, this saying can be seen as something far more positive.


Sure, we can waste our precious time wallowing in misery over the unfairness of losing out on something we desired but for whatever reason didn’t receive or achieve… OR we could let go, wave goodbye, and revel in our newfound freedom.

Freedom to stop beating ourselves up about our failures and shortcomings.

Freedom to forgive ourselves for our mistakes.

Freedom to hop aboard a different ship.

#fmsphotoaday September 14 - Liquid

A couple of days ago I was telling Peter all about my second drawing class and how thrilled I was to have been taught so much in such a short time. I enthused about my developing love of art, and how there was so much more to learn, and stated that I want to always be taking new art classes so that I can continue to expand my skills.

And that’s when the light came on.

I realized that I am ready to let the ship carrying the academic degree I never achieved SAIL (taking with it the accompanying self-imposed guilt and regret) and discard the notion that “some day” I’ll finish university. Instead, I will hop aboard a different ship, one where I can create and grow and find fulfillment in what I’m actually doing NOW instead of fretting about what I didn’t accomplish in the past, and use my time and energy to learn what I want to learn instead of what I’ve always felt I should learn.

That ship has sailed? Sounds like freedom to me.

Are you ready to hop aboard a different ship?
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