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Meatless Monday – Take Two

Not sure if anyone happened to notice, but (whispers) I didn’t restart my Meatless Monday experiment in January like I’d said I would. And now (further whispers) it’s more than halfway through February, and I STILL haven’t managed to get back on the Meatless Monday bandwagon.

Do you ever find that once you lose momentum – in this case, taking a break over the holidays – it’s difficult to pick up from where you left off? Even when it’s something you really want to do?

That’s where I’ve been with Meatless Mondays.

Every week I’ve told myself that I’ll get started again… and every week finds me disorganized and unprepared and bumping my restart to the following Monday. I’m not sure exactly why – maybe because I’ve been trying to catch up on other things and get back into some sort of routine after the holidays. Or perhaps it’s just general winter lethargy (which seems to be affecting a lot of us these days!) that’s stopping me from getting excited about Meatless Monday meal planning.

Whatever the reason, however, I really DO want to get started again. And, since past experience has shown that making a commitment to something in my blog has kept me accountable, I’m counting on it to do so again!

So here I am, committing to restart my Meatless Monday experiment.


As you might expect, I’m not prepared for a Meatless Monday today (surprise, surprise), but I’ve added multiple reminder notes to my calendar and am planning on restarting in exactly one week (February 24, to be exact). So if you don’t see a Meatless Monday post here in Alphabet Salad by the end of the day on February 24, I hereby give you permission to give me a virtual accountability poke!

But in the meantime…

While I do have a meal plan in mind for my first Meatless Monday back in the saddle, I would LOVE to get some suggestions from YOU for future meals. Whether they’re in the form of your personal tried-and-true meatless dishes, general tips, links to your favourite Meatless Monday recipes, or whatever, please send them my way, as I’m all ears and ready to be inspired!

So, what are YOUR Meatless Monday suggestions?
Please share!

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