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Meatless Monday Hiatus (until 2014)

Much as I am enjoying researching recipes and learning to make vegetarian meals as part of my Meatless Monday experiment, December has so far been crazy, schedule-wise (can you relate?!) – and the insanity shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.

So today I decided that, rather than struggling each week and ending up writing a string of hurried, half-hearted Meatless Monday posts, I’ll put the whole thing on hold until January when I can give the experiment the time and energy it deserves.

I’ll still be posting something here every day (gotta stick with my insane December NaBloPoMo commitment, after all!), but it’ll be on a topic other than Meatless Monday.

Come January, however, I’ll be back on the Meatless Monday track…


…so veggies, beware!


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