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Making progress

Well, I’m very pleased to say that as of today, the pink room is pretty much ready for our furniture delivery on Tuesday! There are still some linens that need to be carted downstairs to the laundry area to be washed, and I’d like to give the room a quick dust and vacuum beforehand, but other than that I think we’re prepared and ready to set things up properly.

It will be so nice to be able to use that space as a real room, and not just a junk collector! Slowly but surely, room by room, we’re making our house a home.

Since part of Tuesday’s furniture delivery includes a dresser for our dressing room, one of my projects this fall is to finally organize my wardrobe. I never really unpacked properly – just took things out and hung them up randomly – plus I have several bags of clothes in the basement and also moved from the pink room that need to be sorted. I need to take time to evaluate what I have – figure out what fits and what doesn’t, what I actually wear and what gathers dust (particularly now that I work from home rather than going into the office), and what I would like to add to my collection.

My sister introduced me to an app that she uses and loves – “Stylish Girl” – which I’m going to install on my new iPhone and use to help me through the clothes organization process. I haven’t used the app yet – just had a quick look at the various features – but it looks like it’ll be a great (and fun!) motivator for a potentially dull task.

Do you have any projects you’re planning to tackle this fall?

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