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Life in the blogosphere, Part 2

Carrying on from yesterday’s post, Life in the blogosphere, I thought I’d follow up by sharing some of my own personal “rules” for being a good blogger:

  • I’ll moderate your first comment on my blog, just to make sure you’re not a nasty bot trying to spam me and my readers, but after that I’ll consider you trustworthy and you can comment freely. (In fact, I encourage you to do so!)
  • I can usually tell when a comment is spam – but sometimes, if it was posted by a real person rather than a bot, it’s not quite as clear. In those cases, I’ll probably give you the benefit of the doubt (I’m nice that way)… but I’ll keep my eye on you. 🙂
  • Because I consider every real (i.e., non-spammy) comment received to be like a small, perfectly-wrapped gift, everyone who gives me such a gift will receive the courtesy of a heartfelt “thank you” in the form of a response.

These ones aren’t hard and fast rules – some days there just isn’t the time, and sometimes the words just don’t come – but they’re guidelines I try my best to follow to become an even better blogger:

  • As a further “thank you” for taking the time to comment, I will do my very best to visit your blog and return your kindness by commenting on one of your recent posts.
  • Because I know what a thrill it is when new people drop by and comment on my blog, I will make every effort to find at least one new blogger each day (usually through NaBloPoMo, or maybe from a recommendation through a blogger I already follow) and leave a comment on one of their recent posts.

What are your personal blogging rules?

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