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Just write

Inspired by the concept of “Morning Pages” from Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” (see my previous post for details), I’ve been working on developing a daily writing habit – three pages, longhand, no holds barred. Just write.

It’s fast becoming an addiction!

Pen on Notepaper in Ring BinderSure, I’ve kept personal diaries and journals throughout my life – for as long as I can remember knowing how to write – but this is different. When I journal, I don’t obligate myself to do it every day, nor do I set page targets – I write when and for how long I “feel” like it. (And as you might imagine, this lack of structure often leads to great long gaps where no journaling takes place at all!) Morning pages, on the other hand, have only two real “rules” – write every day, and write three full pages. This, different from personal journaling (which absolutely has its place – don’t get me wrong), is helping me to develop discipline and depth in my writing habits.

I am writing every day, and I keep writing to meet my page target, whether or not I “feel” like it or think I have anything left to say.

And by doing so, surprising things are emerging.

Some of the biggest issues I struggle with as a writer are learning to push aside my inner censor and just write… to quit expecting perfection at the first go and just write… to stop comparing myself to other, better writers and just write. (I somehow doubt I’m alone in this!) The practice of morning pages (though I have to admit that up until now they mostly haven’t taken place in the morning!) is helping me to get past these blocks and find freedom in how I express myself through writing.

And that can only be a good thing.

Have you developed a daily writing practice?
Please share your experience!

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