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It worked! It worked! It worked!

Last night was mostly spent tossing and turning and trying to figure out WHY yesterday’s efforts had all been in vain. (No, really. For some reason my Sunday nights are usually marked by bouts of mild insomnia anyway, and ending the day with no resolution to my blog problems made sleep last night all the more difficult to achieve.)

Anyway, this morning I was all prepared to go right back to the beginning and start over (though the thought of it made me weep a little), but before I did that I decided to try one simple little thing that I hadn’t attempted before and, as you can probably tell from my post’s enthusiastic title, IT WORKED!

*happy dances*

So Alphabet Salad is now happily ensconced at its own domain (https://alphabetsalad.com), and as far as I can tell I’ve configured my settings so that anyone going to my old blog address will automagically be redirected to the new one. I think I’ve even updated the feed and subscription links so that anyone who’s already signed up shouldn’t have to go to the trouble of resubscribing.

*pats self on back*

Now, with some success under my belt, I’ll get back to my real work (you know, the stuff that actually pays me cashy money for my efforts).

Have a fabulous day, everyone!

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