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Today has been, for the most part, a real exercise in frustration. I’ve been trying to move my blog from the subdomain where it currently resides to its own dedicated domain, which I would have thought would be fairly straightforward (ha!), but have been having a real hair-pulling time of it. In addition to the problems I’m experiencing because I’m a rank self-hosting newbie who’s stumbling my way through the technical side of things, my hosting company has been having problems all day with their FTP servers, which has meant that much of the time I’ve been trying to do things, I haven’t actually been able to access or upload/download the files I need. PLUS, I got a message from my ISP that I’ve almost reached my internet usage capacity for the month (and there’s still two more days to go!). (I blame work for that – I had to download a whole whack of files last week that took more than three hours to complete.)

So, since my hosting company still appears to be having glitches, and my laptop’s cooling fan is whirring at a startling volume, I think I’ll shut down for the night and go watch last week’s Castle (which we missed on Monday, but which my dear husband thoughtfully DVRed for me just now).

Hopefully things will be better in the morning.

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