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Dawning on me

It’s funny… and may be nothing more than coincidence (though I prefer to think of these occurrences as having more import, somehow)… that sometimes everything happening in your life seems to be guiding you, gently, in the same very clear direction.

It all started back in December when I decided that one of my goals for 2012 was to become a better writer.

First off I received a perfect gift… then discovered Blogelina and was able to take my blogging to a new level… this happened… yesterday I realized just how much I love working from home… and through it all I nurtured a NaBloPoMo commitment, which further honed my skills and discipline, and reminded me just how much satisfaction I get from writing.

Then, as of yesterday, I started receiving little virtual taps on the shoulder, unbidden, accompanied by several related words repeatedly whispered in my ear through a variety of sources:




These words have been spoken through various channels, both online and off. It began with a teaser on BlogHer that led me to this WordCount article)… it carried on in various posts by fellow bloggers and comments from others on my own posts… and most recently came in the form of an e-mail notification of this free Kindle book available on Amazon.

I think I have some research to do.

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