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Choices, choices

One of the benefits of unpacking boxes that have been cluttering up one’s house for almost a year (because yes, I did start to tackle the pink room!) is the possibility of finding hidden treasures lurking in their depths.

Well, a couple of days ago I found one such treasure – a $25 iTunes gift card that I’d been searching for ever since we moved – and felt I’d been rewarded for finally getting at the big project I’d been dreading.

Now, time for a shopping spree!

The big question, though, is how should I spend it? I am truly spoiled for choice – should I get a couple of complete albums? A whole bunch of random songs? Some TV shows, or even a whole series? Movies? Maybe some apps? A mixture of the above?

I’m blanking! Maybe you can help me decide – I’d sure love some ideas.

How would YOU spend $25 on iTunes?

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