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Another snow day

Thankfully, our three cats were much better-behaved today. I say thankfully, because as it turns out we have to be cooped up inside with them all day AND evening – even though we’d planned to get out tonight – due to a nasty batch of weather that hit us throughout last night, this morning, and into the early part of the afternoon.

Snow, snow, and still more snow.

This is what I saw – or rather, couldn’t see – when I got up and looked out the window this morning:


It did stop snowing in the afternoon – eventually – but by then the damage was done: this evening’s event had been cancelled due to poor road and weather conditions. (And even if it hadn’t been cancelled, I doubt we would have risked it, as it’s a reasonably long drive – at least in inclement weather – from our home.)


It was absolutely gorgeous out this afternoon, though! After a white-and-grey morning, the sky turned a bright blue and everything was all sparkly and brilliant as the sun reflected off the blanket of snow. Very pretty indeed… but still, I am SO ready for Spring to be here!

In the meantime, though… since I work from home and never actually GET a snow day, I thought I’d amuse myself with a little virtual sledding.


(The face in this picture is based on an actual photo of me and created using a fun – and free! – iPhone app called MomentCam. You should try it!)

Anyway, here’s hoping the roads are cleared quickly and we don’t get ANOTHER dump of snow… because tomorrow evening I have a ticket to see the Barenaked Ladies in concert, and I refuse to miss them!

How’s the weather in your part of the world?
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