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A Series of Unfortunate (Cat-Related) Events

Unfortunate (Cat-Related) Event #1:

At some point during last night, the cats (not sure which ones, but I’d bet good money that all three had some part in the shenanigans) knocked over and unsealed a large plastic canister of cereal that had been inadvertently left out (oops). Once opened, the contents were merrily distributed around the room as the little darlings enjoyed a food fight and gorged on their ill-gotten gain. (I swear, the way they’ll go after anything edible that isn’t nailed down – and even some that IS – makes you think we never feed them!)

Unfortunate (Cat-Related) Event #2:

Peter started running some water and left the room to do something else while the bathtub filled. This is normally not a problem. TODAY, however, seemed like a good time (at least to the boys) for a game of “chase” in the bathroom. This did not end well. Over the sound of the running water we heard an almighty SPLOOSH followed by scrabbling and commotion as a now-soaked and dripping Oscar flew down the hall and stairs leaving trails of water in his wake.

This is after I'd soaked up most of the water with the towel, but he still looks pretty scruffy.

This is after I’d soaked up most of the water with the towel, but he still looks pretty scruffy.

Unfortunate (Cat-Related) Event #3:

Once I stopped laughing and we’d more or less dried both Oscar and the puddled floors, I went back to work… but I couldn’t shake the feeling that our adventures might not be over just yet. (Why do these things always seem to happen in threes?!) My fears were confirmed a little later when I heard a thud and a yell, and found Peter on the bathroom floor. Unbeknownst to us, a small piece of soap had been knocked off the counter during the beasts’ earlier bathroom playtime. Peter discovered this as he stepped on it and slipped, banging his knee and twisting his ankle in the process of hitting the ground. He limped off to elevate his foot, grumpily muttering something to the effect of, “Some days you just shouldn’t bother getting out of bed,” and I haven’t seen him since.

Is today over yet?!

NaBloPoMo February 2014

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