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A dose of beauty

I was a little down and discouraged this morning. No particular reason, really… it was just one of those days where life felt a little flat and colourless, and most definitely uninspiring. Plus, the cat threw up several times, which was both gross and (though my husband always reminds me that “cats will do that”) worrisome. (As you might imagine, any time your almost-20-year-old-cat is off-kilter, healthwise, it’s concerning.)

Then the doorbell rang, and this was handed to me by a smiling deliveryman (who seemed rather amused at my utter shock and bewilderment).


It’s a gift from my co-workers back in Victoria, BC, in recognition (I’m assuming) of Administrative Professionals’ Day.

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s so nice to be appreciated.

I’ve been told that it’s possible to keep orchids alive for several years, so between my herb garden and this lovely flower, here’s to a test of my slowly-developing green thumb!

Did anything beautiful happen in your life today?
Please share!

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