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Gardeny Goodness

Another week of growth in my little windowsill herb garden means that it’s time for me to foist yet more photos upon my unsuspecting readers. (What, you didn’t think I’d given up so soon, did you?! Oh ye of little faith!)

Most of my plants are plugging away quite nicely, thank you very much… green thumb or not, so far I’ve managed to keep them all alive and kicking, a fact for which I’m most grateful.

In the interest of aesthetics I’ve added plastic plant labels to each pot. They’re not fancy, and not what I’d been looking for, but are a definite improvement over the ratty pieces of cardboard I’d hastily labelled with initials for each of the plants and stuffed into the dirt at the edge of each pot. (Needless to say, when I removed the makeshift labels they were saturated and starting to develop some kind of moldy badness, so it was probably a good thing I didn’t wait until I found “the perfect” plant markers!)

Now, on to the pictures!


Finally, you can see something more than just dirt in my chive plant pot! It’s all rather scraggly at this point, but at least there’s some green action taking place.

04-20-2012 Chives


I’m a little worried about my parsley (or lack thereof); then again, according to the seed packets the parsley did have the longest germination period of all, so perhaps it’s not surprising that they seem so far behind. Keeping my fingers crossed for their success!

04-20-2012 Parsley


I’m not sure if these are too crowded (i.e., if I put too many seeds into each hole in the template!), or if that’s the way they’re supposed to be. Maybe it’ll be easier to tell when they get a little bigger.

04-20-2012 Oregano

Sweet Basil

Look! In addition to filling out nicely, there’s a second set of leaves sprouting on some of the basil plants! How exciting! I think the sweet basil is my favourite plant of all. It’s certainly been the most gratifying to watch!

04-20-2012 Basil

In other gardening news, last weekend we bought the wood required for one simple raised garden bed, and this week the hubs has been assembling and painting it. I also bought some more herb seeds (thyme and sage), but haven’t planted them yet as I discovered that the pots I thought I could use didn’t have proper drainage. I may buy a couple more pots this weekend so I can get those seeds started as well (hopefully it’s not too late!).

How’s your garden growing?

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