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100 Happy Days – Day 29

After a couple of long-ish flights, several reunions and gatherings with friends, two VERY early (for me) mornings, and a couple of full days at work, by the time Saturday arrived I was more than ready for a quiet day of doing very little. So that’s what I did! Today (after a decent sleep-in, of course) was largely spent hanging out in the kitchen with family, visiting and eating and (in Mom’s case, at least) getting ready for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner (I did offer to help, I promise!).

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous since I’ve been here – sunny and warm, with just a bit of rain this morning that stopped before I even got up. (The heavy, dense fog I mentioned in my post the other day was confined to the areas along the waterfront – strangely enough, everywhere else in town was perfectly clear!) Right now the back door is open to the fresh air and my parents’ dog is wandering back and forth, in and out, undecided between her comfy bed in a corner of the family room and a sunny spot outside in a corner of the deck.

And on that note, today’s happiness is brought to you by the gorgeous view from my parents’ back deck.

100 Happy Days - Day 29

100 Happy Days – Day 29

Victoria really is a beautiful city. If you ever get a chance to visit, I hope you take it!

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