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100 Happy Days – Day 27

Day two in Victoria, in a nutshell: nostalgia and hugs and great food.

First thing in the morning (far too early for someone who’s grown used to starting work – from home – at 11:00 a.m.!) I drove into town with my sister and then walked to work (taking basically the same route as the one I followed all those years when Peter and I lived in a downtown condo), stopping at Starbucks for coffee and breakfast (another former tradition) before heading to the office.

I saw this cool 3D chalk art on the way to work and just had to stop and take a picture.

It was so much fun seeing my co-workers (all but one were in the office today) for the first time since moving to Windsor three years ago! I can’t say I got a whole lot of actual work done today, but it was great hugging and chatting and laughing as we got caught up with each other.

When noon rolled around a group of us headed out to one of my favourite sushi restaurants (and there are several!) for lunch. Windsor has a really great dining scene and offers a wide variety of ethnic cuisines (which – as my dining club and I have discovered – it does very, very well)… but you know, there is nothing quite like West Coast sushi. It’s fresh, tastes divine, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and is something I’ve been looking forward to enjoying again ever since I found out I was going to be visiting Victoria. And it definitely didn’t disappoint! I’m pretty sure that at some point at least one of my happy days posts while I’m here is going to be about something other than food, but please bear with me for another day, as today’s happiness is brought to you by a delicious plate of tunacado and spicy salmon rolls!

100 Happy Days - Day 27

100 Happy Days – Day 27

After work the nostalgia continued as I met up with a good friend (another person I hadn’t seen since I moved) for coffee, a drive down to the breakwater (another favourite spot), and a great chat. Unfortunately it was too foggy by the water to even see the breakwater, but I’m sure it was out there somewhere!

The evening wrapped up with a most delicious Thai dinner with my family, a combined celebration of my parents’ 49th wedding anniversary and my dad’s birthday.

It was a wonderful day.

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