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Wildcard Wednesday No. 8

Not to bore you by talking about the weather, but… I am VERY happy to report that the temperature in my corner of the wintry world has actually, finally, reached the double digits ABOVE zero! Yes, we’re currently sitting at 10°C (that would be 50°F, for those so inclined), the snowbanks are rapidly shrinking, and it is absolutely gorgeous out there. I suspect that Spring might be giving us a bit of a tease, and that we haven’t yet seen the end of the white stuff for the season, but I’m going to take this hopeful little reprieve and run with it!

Now – and this is NOT just a tease – who’s ready for a little Wildcard Wednesday fun on this beautiful sunny day?!

Wanna play?

Wildcard Wednesday No. 1

(If you missed the inaugural Wildcard Wednesday post, check it out to see what all the fun is about!)

All you have to do is comment below with two numbers – the first between 1 and 612 (i.e., the number of pages in the book) and the second between 1 and 30 (i.e., the approximate number of happy items listed on each page) – and I’ll consult 14,000 things to be happy about and give YOU something to be happy about! (If there aren’t enough items on the page you choose, never fear – I’ll just keep counting over to the next page so you won’t miss out on any happy goodness.)

Before you jump in and comment, however, know that there are no guarantees as to what you’ll end up with (as you might have guessed from the “Wildcard Wednesday” moniker!) – your chosen happy item might turn out to be whimsical or evocative, silly or inspirational, perfectly timed or completely inappropriate… it might spark a memory, a question, a conversation… or hey, it might even give you an idea for a story or blog post! But no matter what, I think it’ll be fun… and I’d love it if you’d join in!

So, are you ready to play?
Give me some numbers and I’ll give you some happy!

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