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Vacation time!

Everything on my To Do List (both the scheduled jobs PLUS a handful of unplanned last-minute tasks) has been checked off… I’ve shut down my work computer… and I am now officially ON VACATION for the next 17 days!

*happy dance*

Though I very much like and am grateful for both my job and my co-workers, I DO love the holidays (especially the part where our office shuts down between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day!), and look forward every year to this little vacation as a time of rest, relaxation, and renewal (the best 3 Rs there are!). It’s a great way to finish out the old year and head into the new one.

Never fear, however – while I’m on my work break, I have plenty of fun and wonderful things on my calendar to keep me busy over the next couple of weeks! And you’ll still be seeing me around here at Alphabet Salad, as I’m planning to continue posting daily as part of my commitment to December’s NaBloPoMo challenge.


Life is good indeed!

Are you looking forward to some time off over the holidays?
Please share!


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