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True Confessions: 10 Things I’ve Never Done

We all have them (even if the list may be shorter for some than it is for others!): a handful of seemingly common or rite-of-passage life experiences which, whether by choice or by chance, we’ve never actually had. So just for fun – even though I know it might inspire you to exclaim incredulously, “What?! You’ve never _______? You can’t be serious!” – I thought I’d reveal a few of the items on my own “things I’ve never done” list.


10 Things I’ve Never Done

  1. watched Forrest Gump from beginning to end
  2. smoked anything – cigarette, cigar, pipe, salmon 😉
  3. visited a country other than Canada or the US
  4. watched an episode of Glee
  5. taken any non-pharmaceutical (i.e., illegal) drugs
  6. read any of the Harry Potter books or seen the Harry Potter movies
  7. got a tattoo
  8. been pregnant/given birth
  9. had my wisdom teeth removed (because I don’t have any!)
  10. learned how to play chess

Now it’s your turn!

What are some things you’ve never done?
Please share!

NaBloPoMo March 2014

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