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Today’s Gratitude List – Linkup No. 11

Now that I’m back from vacation and slowly (albeit rather reluctantly!) easing my way back into a normal routine, I’m delighted to restart a weekly tradition that has fast become an important and meaningful part of my blogging life – the Gratitude Linkup.

Taking these few minutes each week to verbalize gratitude for my many blessings, and then inviting you to do the same, has come to mean so much to me… because not only am I reminded of the good things in my own world, but also my life is enriched by reading about the good things in yours!


(If you’d like a bit of background on why I started the Gratitude Linkup, check out this post.)

How to get involved in the Gratitude Linkup

  1. Write and post an entry in your own blog containing your gratitude list for a moment in time.
  2. Share the URL to your gratitude blog post by clicking the “add your link” button at the end of this post and filling out the information.
  3. Share the Gratitude Linkup with your blog readers by clicking the “get the InLinkz code” link at the end of this post and copy/pasting the appropriate code into your gratitude blog post.
  4. Visit some of the blogs listed in the Gratitude Linkup and comment on their posts.

My Gratitude List

In no particular order, here is my own gratitude list for this moment in time. I hope that after reading it you’ll go on to write and share your own!

  • My amazing hairstylist who gives me a cut that inspires me to say enthusiastically, pretty much every time I finish styling it, “I LOVE this haircut!”
  • Safety on slippery roads.
  • Cosy handmade knitted slippers – a gift from a lovely friend – to warm my feet on cold winter days.
  • The fun and festivities I regularly enjoy with my dinner club friends.
  • Between Christmas and New Year office closures, weekends, regular days off, and banked holiday time, being able to enjoy 17 days of vacation – time to travel, relax, enjoy, stay up late, sleep in, catch up, and just BE.
  • Excellent Groupon deals that come along at just the right time.
  • Safe and uneventful travel – by cars, shuttles, trains, airplanes, buses, and ferries – between Windsor and Victoria. No incidents or accidents, no significant delays or missed connections, and no lost or misrouted luggage!
  • Meeting and chatting with two interesting, pleasant, and informative single serving friends on two different flights.
  • Spending Christmas, and a fantastic (though far too short) week, with my family in Victoria.
  • My parents, who went all out to make sure we were comfortable, happy, well-fed, memory-filled, and loved during our time in their home.
  • My sister, who gifted and drove and hugged and created and gave of her lovely self.
  • Revisiting treasured family Christmas traditions.
  • My new Olloclip 3-in-1 lens and quick-flip case – gifts from my parents – which will help me take my iPhone photography to the next level.
  • Being the overjoyed recipient of three brand new pieces of gorgeous handmade-by-my-sister jewellery – a bracelet, a necklace, and a pendant.
  • Reconnecting, laughing, and spending time with old friends who we’ve missed since we moved away from Victoria.
  • Eating West Coast sushi again!
  • Visiting my favourite restaurant in Victoria (and quite possibly the world) – Pagliacci’s – for a delicious lunch.
  • My new Filofax, and all the fun I’m having putting it together and organizing my life.
  • Celebrating my 47th birthday.
  • A Kiva gift certificate from a friend, so I can share my birthday celebration with someone else!
  • Being completely spoiled by my friends at my birthday dinner.
  • The volumes and volumes of love, kindness, gifts, and appreciation I receive from those in my life, well beyond anything I deserve or merit.

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