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Today’s Gratitude List + June 2015 Gratitude Linkup

Happy Sunday! Wherever you are, however you might be feeling, whatever the weather, there is always something in your life for which to be grateful. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to stop and consider your blessings and then share some of them here, either as a comment or by adding your gratitude blog post to the linkup.

Gratitude - Sarah Ban Breathnach

In no particular order, here is my own gratitude list for this moment in time. I hope that after reading it you’ll go on to write and share your own!

  • Funny people who share their gift for humour with the world.
  • Hearty laughter.
  • Chances to bond with friends and get to know them better.
  • Public libraries.
  • Creative encouragement and validation in the form of an absolute TON of Facebook “Likes” and positive comments on one of my photos.
  • Opportunities to earn some extra money through freelancing.
  • Discovering and being inspired by the “What You Can When You Can” book and web site.
  • All of the incredibly supportive people in my life.
  • Having a four-day work week and three-day weekend lifestyle.

Now it’s your turn!

How to get involved in the Gratitude Linkup

Note: This linkup will be open for the entire month, so feel free to add as many gratitude posts as you choose to write in June!

  1. Write and post a gratitude list in your own blog.
  2. Click the “add your link” button below and share your gratitude post.
  3. Click “get the InLinkz code” below and add the linkup code to your post.
  4. Visit and comment on some of the posts listed in the Gratitude Linkup.

P.S.Here’s some background on why I started the Gratitude Linkup.

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Gratitude Circle

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