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To NaBloPoMo or NOT to NaBloPoMo…

The end of January is fast approaching (unbelievable!), and I’m really pleased to say that I’ve been successful (so far, at least!) at posting something here (or in one of my other blogs) every single day as part of my commitment to finishing NaBloPoMo in January (National Blog Posting Month, for the uninitiated and/or those who wondered why on earth I bothered to share some of the stuff I posted on certain uninspired days!).

I’m also happy to say that I’ve been meeting some great people and reading some really wonderful blogs, both through NaBloPoMo and IComLeavWe (International Comment Leaving Week January – last day today).

The self-imposed discipline of posting every day has been absolutely fantastic. Already I notice an improvement in my writing, both quality and process – not just on my blogs and column, but also in anything I’ve had to write for work. Daily practice in developing my voice means that I’ve been able to find words more quickly and say things more effectively, which is always a benefit even when you’re writing an e-mail to a client.

I’m trying to decide, now, if I should sign up for NaBloPoMo in February. Seeing the improvements and benefits that came to me through my participation in January makes me shout a resounding, “YES!” On the other hand, there were times when I just didn’t feel like writing (as there will be), and I ended up posting garbage just to fulfill my commitment, which is NOT such a good thing. There’s already far too much junk on the internet – I certainly don’t need to add my contribution!

So I’m torn.

If you’ve been participating in NaBloPoMo this month, are you going to do it again in February? Why or why not?

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