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(Note: This post was written by Laurel Regan and originally published in a separate blog called “Fibre Yarns”, which was later merged with Alphabet Salad.)

I met with my friend/future crochet class instructor yesterday, mostly to get to the bottom of my issues with gauge, and was told that I am possibly the tightest crocheter she’s ever met! She gave me some tips that should help, though – tips on crochet technique, and also on experimenting with different hook sizes – so I’ll work on adjusting my style. Hopefully I can learn to approach a more normal gauge range!

I’m a little nervous and intimidated about attending the intermediate class rather than beginners (which I’d intended to take first before being assured that I’d be bored to tears in it), so my aim between now and class start-up is to practice, practice, practice! I’m really rusty after my long break from crocheting, so I need to reaquaint myself with the six basic stitches that were covered in the beginner crochet class:

  1. Chain stitch
  2. Single crochet
  3. Half double crochet
  4. Double crochet
  5. Treble crochet
  6. Slip stitch

I know I can crochet – all I need to do is to look back on the photos and posts in this blog to remind myself of the projects I’ve completed – but my confidence level is way down due to my long break from the hobby. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring myself back up to speed in the next couple of weeks, at least enough so that I feel confident about fitting in as part of the intermediate class.

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