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This week

So, this week. Wednesday is the Remembrance Day stat holiday. Friday is our 10th wedding anniversary, so I booked the day off to celebrate. Because it seemed silly to come in to work on Thursday only, I booked that day off as well… so it’s a two-day work week for me! I can definitely handle that level of effort. 😉

A project I’ve been working towards tackling is setting up a new bookshelf in my home office. It probably doesn’t sound like much of a project, but putting in a second bookshelf actually means I’ll have to change all the furniture around to makes things fit. I have a big desk with a hutch, a filing cabinet, and another tall bookshelf already, so it definitely is a project! Since I’ll have five days off in a row it seems like a good time to get this done.

We moved into our current home (a duplex) two years ago, after living in a 560 square foot condo for the first eight years of our married life, and one of the luxuries we both enjoy in this larger home is each having our own home office. Now that I have my netbook and wireless internet, though, I often forget how wonderful it is to have my own little space upstairs! I’m hoping that changing things around and freshening everything up will remind me how fortunate we are to have this lovely home.

Then, on Friday, we’ll remind ourselves how fortunate we are to be celebrating ten years of married life.

This is going to be a great week!

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