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Things That Delighted Me Today

Sometimes Mondays aren’t so delightful. You know what I mean! But today has been lovely, not in a show-stopping spectacular way with plenty of fanfare, but rather quietly, with several small occurrences building on each other until added together they form a delightful whole.

Things That Delighted Me Today

  1. Seeing a ginger squirrel! Most of the squirrels back in Victoria were grey, and the majority of them here in Windsor are black, so it was such a surprise to see this little guy with his deep red coat and plumy strawberry blond tail. I know some people consider them to be pests – nothing more than fluffy-tailed rats – but I love watching them chase each other from fencepost to tree, up the telephone poles, and ’round and ’round the rooftops. They always look like they’re having so much fun!
  2. Blue skies, sunshine, and a soft warm breeze drifting in through my open office window. Totally unseasonable, but delightful nonetheless!
  3. The way my darling cat comes into my office every day for a good morning greeting and hug, even before she has a snack or uses her box. She is such a sweet little creature.
  4. Receiving some tremendously kind and thoughtful blog post comments, a couple of which almost brought me to (happy) tears. I love my bloggy friends!
  5. Sailing through a tremendous amount of work, and finally finishing an enormous project that’s been hanging over my head for months. I might actually catch up before my hours reduce!
  6. Enjoying the fragrance and flavour of a delicious pear at the peak of sweet ripeness.
  7. Experiencing that unexplainable, beyond-my-control sense of well-being, that “all is right with the world” feeling of goodwill and blessedness.

What delighted you today?

Written for GBE 2: Blog On
WEEK #44 (3-18-12 to 3-24-12): Make a List and Title It

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