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Tangled Tuesday No. 65

It has been a busy, busy week, both in the tangling department and life in general, and I’ve been having a great time throughout it all! For today’s post I’m particularly happy to share a fun, long-anticipated seasonal project which I was able to complete on the weekend. Happy Tangled Tuesday!

New Tangles

This week I learned Undu, Pots-N-Pans, Charmzy, Tri-bine, Brrrst, and JessiCup, all from TanglePatterns.com.

I also learned Nymph by Melinda Barlow, CZT of Inkidoodles.

Finished Projects

I’ve wanted to tangle on a white pumpkin for a couple of years now, but it seemed as though I was always either too early or too late to pick one up at the craft store. I headed out to buy one in very early October this year, thinking that surely there would be plenty on hand, but no… all I could find was a half pumpkin (for hanging on the wall) which, even though it was white, wasn’t at all what I had in mind.

Then a short while later I was over in the US for a day-long shopping trip with a couple of friends, and we noticed a craft store as we were on the way to another part of the mall. It didn’t even occur to me to look (duh!), but earlier I’d happened to mention my great pumpkin quest to one of my friends, who suggested that we pop in and check. Success! I found a ton of white pumpkins in all shapes and sizes – and half price, to boot! – so the only thing remaining for me to do was to choose one and take it home to tangle.

And here it is!

Tangled pumpkin

Tangled pumpkin

I used a Sharpie permanent laundry marker (same one as when I tangled my sneakers), which worked perfectly on the pumpkin’s surface with no bleeding or smearing, and chose fairly simple patterns that didn’t require any shading.

Though I will always prefer working on a smaller scale with more intricate details and the option to shade, it was a fun, quick project and I’m happy with how it turned out. Maybe I’ll do another one next year and start building up a tangled pumpkin patch!


For Diane & Carolien’s Weekly Challenge #29: Tangle with U-N-D (a new one to me) I chose the tangles Umble, Narwal, and Dicso, all from TanglePatterns.com. All three patterns were ones I’d previously learned but had not yet had a chance to use in a finished project, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to do so.

Then I moved on to Zendala Dare #113 from The Bright Owl, and though I wasn’t at all sure where I was going to go with the template at first, I love the end result.

After that I finished joey’s weekly tangle challenge #84, which was to use Undu in a monotangle. This was a new pattern to me, and though I don’t know that I’d use it again in a monotangle I can definitely see it making an appearance as part of a future piece.

Finally (whew!) I completed The Diva’s Challenge, which was a “Stones and Ceremony” guest post by Paula Bramante, CZT. For my stone design I started with a pattern called Gottago as the base and went from there, rounding the edges of the “stones” and filling in the “grout lines” as necessary.

I actually started out creating a proper 3.5″ x 3.5″ Zentangle tile, but after adding a bit that just didn’t fit with the simple stone design I decided to pare it down to just the basics and call it a ZIA.

Now on to a new week of tangling!


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