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Tangled Tuesday No. 29 + 100 Happy Days – Day 67

Today’s happiness is brought to you by the annual (and very exciting!) appearance of my own personal “Yes, the holidays are coming!” sign – opening my mailbox and finding that this year’s Lee Valley Christmas Gift Catalog had been delivered!

100 Happy Days - Day 67

100 Happy Days – Day 67

I was actually half tempted to leave the mail in the box today (it’s COLD out there!), but as I received a courier delivery from the office I had to choice but to open the door. Well, I’m glad I did, as I now have a relaxing evening of hot chocolate and catalog-browsing to look forward to. Happy indeed!

So, what’s the first thing that tells you the holidays are coming? Do share!

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Now, on to Tangled Tuesday. First off, here’s what I didn’t do this week:

  • Learn any new tangle patterns. (I’ve finished all of my Zentangle®1 books, so am feeling a bit undecided as to where to go from here. Maybe it’s time for a book shopping trip? Though there really aren’t many left that I specifically want!)
  • Participate in The Diva’s Weekly Challenge. (I tried – I really did – but this week’s challenge was to tangle a tile using only your non-dominant hand… and apparently my left hand just doesn’t function for drawing! I really appreciate the sentiment behind the challenge – have a look at the challenge post and you’ll see what I mean – but it just didn’t work out for me. I’m ready to give it another shot next week, though!)

What I DID do, however, was to create my first winter/holiday-themed piece…

ZIA 23

ZIA 23

…and I am so, so pleased with how it turned out! I had such fun planning this one out, and though the tangling took many, many, MANY hours, the time seemed to fly by. (Well, if I’m going to be COMPLETELY honest, the colouring-in of the background bits did drag at times, particularly because my wrist kept cramping up on me… but the rest flew by!)

I’m undecided as to whether or not to try selling the original on Etsy, but in the meantime I’ve created a number of gifts and greeting cards featuring the design which are available on Ten Thousand Tangles. If you’re interested in something for yourself, or perhaps a gift for someone else – a greeting card? a mug? a tree ornament? some other little surprise goodie? – I invite you to grab a cup of your beverage of choice, take a few minutes to have a browse…

Holly & Snowflake Gifts & Greetings

…and accept my most sincere thanks for your support! 🙂


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For background on how I discovered and got involved in Zentangle, and links to further information and resources, check out my blog post For the love of tangling.

You can browse my entire tangle gallery at Ten Thousand Tangles.

And, if you’re interested in having a little piece of my art for yourself, please click on the GoFundMe button below for more information and also visit my Zazzle shop Ten Thousand Tangles. (Pssst… links to my international Ten Thousand Tangles shops are in the Alphabet Salad sidebar – just click on the appropriate flag and you’ll get to the place you need to be!)

So… what made you happy today?
Please share!

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1The Zentangle® Method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at zentangle.com.

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