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Tangled Tuesday No. 21 + 100 Happy Days – Day 11

Today’s happiness is brought to you by a perfect blue sky on a gorgeous, sunny, first day of fall! I absolutely love this time of year, and it’s particularly special when autumn begins with such beautiful weather. I haven’t yet noticed the leaves beginning to change colour, but am keeping an eye out and plan to take lots of pictures when they do!

100 Happy Days - Day 11

100 Happy Days – Day 11

The 100 Happy Days web site
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Now on to some tangling on this lovely Tangled Tuesday!

New Tangles

This week I finished Yoga for Your Brain by Sandy Steen Bartholomew, learning Durn, Whysk, Sporktine, Leeter, Besochix, Coop, Fidget, Sippy, Sweed, and Chakra.

If you followed along in Yoga for Your Brain, you saw that I skipped a few of the designs. This wasn’t because I didn’t like or want to do them, but because I’d previously learned them through another book (there is often overlap and some repetition between the various Zentangle®1 books).

I also learned several designs from TanglePatterns.comJasmin, Yuma, Nuwave, Wud, and Vano.


I’m currently working on the letter X in my tangled alphabet series, which means that…

Finished Projects

…I had a really productive week, finishing U, V, and W!

Zenletter U

Zenletter U

Zenletter V

Zenletter V

Zenletter W

Zenletter W

Just three more to go and the design part of this project is done! (And not a moment too soon!)

Coming Soon

This week’s tangling goals include:

  • Dare I say finish my Zenletter collection? All that’s left are X, Y, and Z… think I can do it?!
  • Depending on when I finish the alphabet, the next step is to take the originals to be scanned at the print shop so that I can start uploading the designs to various products on Ten Thousand Tangles.
  • Continue adding products to Ten Thousand Tangles.
  • Photograph my previously-completed set of four Zendalas and set up listings to sell the originals in my as-yet-to-be-opened Etsy store. (Sigh. OK, this little project is now ON HOLD while I focus my energies on completing the alphabet series.)


Previous posts in this series are all tagged Tangled Tuesday.

For background on how I discovered and got involved in Zentangle, and links to further information and resources, check out my blog post For the love of tangling.

You can browse my entire tangle gallery at Ten Thousand Tangles.

And, if you’re interested in having a little piece of my art for yourself, please click on the GoFundMe button below for more information and also visit my Zazzle shop Ten Thousand Tangles. (Pssst… links to my international Ten Thousand Tangles shops are in the Alphabet Salad sidebar – just click on the appropriate flag and you’ll get to the place you need to be!)

1 The Zentangle® Method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at zentangle.com.

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