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Tangled T-Day No. 15

Well, I’ve been back from my vacation of a lifetime for a couple of weeks now, and though I desperately miss Italy and all the fun I had, it’s good to be back to a life of tangling! I’d briefly forgotten how wonderful it can be to lose oneself for hours in creativity, but have been fast rediscovering the joy. Happy Tangled T-Day!

Laurel Regan, CZT

I got back into the teaching swing of things with an individual “Introduction to Zentangle” class early this week.

"Introduction to Zentangle" class tiles

“Introduction to Zentangle” class tiles

It’s always interesting to switch it up between group and one-on-one sessions. I had a lot of fun at this class and enjoyed meeting a new friend as we tangled together. I do love my students!

New Tangles

Since my previous Tangled T-Day post I have learned the following new-to-me tangles.

From TanglePatterns.com:

From Lily’s Tangles (Lily Moon):

From Enthusiastic Artist (Margaret Bremner, CZT):


I started a new 9″ x 9″ piece this week (why do I start new pieces when I have so many still unfinished?!).



I’ve since added some rounding to the border pattern and also started shading, and will post a final pic when I’m all done. Maybe I’ll actually try to complete this one before starting something new?!

Finished Projects

Zentangle 215

Zentangle 215

Zentangle 216

Zentangle 216

Zentangle 217

Zentangle 217


Since my previous Tangled T-Day post I have completed the following challenge.

Now on to a new week of tangling!

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How have you been creative this week?
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