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Superstar Blogger Award

Iit always adds a bright spot to my day when I find out that I’ve been nominated for a blogger award. Today I’m happy to accept The Superstar Blogger Award from Melanie Jean Juneau at joy of nine9. Thank you so much, Melanie! Your friendship and support is very much appreciated. 🙂


My answers to Melanie’s questions:

  1. What is the funniest thing about you? Hmmm, funny? I’m don’t think I’m a particularly funny person… my husband and three cats are far funnier than I!
  2. Who is your favorite personality? In general, someone with a balance of depth and good humour.
  3. What is your lucky thing? I’m not so much about being lucky as I am about being blessed.
  4. What is your favorite weather? Warm (but not too hot), or cool and crisp (but not too cold).
  5. A name that you want to give me. Encourager.

My nominees for the award:

It hasn’t been very long – just over a month, in fact – since I nominated a whole bunch of bloggers for another award. I’d love it if you’d visit (or revisit, as the case may be) this post and check out the bloggers I named… as well as a couple of new bloggers I’ve been reading and want to share with you:

An Expat in UK
Life Breath Present
SMART Living 365

Thanks again to Melanie, and thank you to the “Superstar Bloggers” I follow for adding your own special something to my daily blog reading. 🙂

Happy Blogging!

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