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Sunday Summary – New Tradition Edition

The new year has arrived, and with it a slightly tweaked Alphabet Salad “Sunday Summary” blogging tradition. In addition to posting my Photo A Day Challenge pictures (as I’ve been doing each week for the past couple of months), I’m going to expand my “Sunday Summary” post into a potpourri of random tidbits – happenings, interesting finds, other creativity challenges, and so on – from the previous week in my world. I hope you enjoy the new and improved format… and then take a minute to share in the comments what’s been happening in your world!

In Case You Missed It

NaBloPoMo: Challenge Complete!

One of my goals at the start of last year was to develop discipline through daily blogging, using BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo as a source of motivation and inspiration. I signed up for (and completed) January’s challenge and, though it wasn’t my original intent to carry on past the first month, I went on to do it again in February, then March, then April… and before I knew it I found myself at the end of December, 2012 having successfully completed a full year of daily blogging.


I really enjoyed being involved in the NaBloPoMo challenges each month, and also getting to know some of the other NaBloPoMoers, but you know what? After twelve months I am SO ready for a rest!

So once I’d finished the challenge in December I made a conscious decision to take a bit of a break from committing each month to daily blogging. I still plan to post regularly, and will do my best to maintain the momentum of self-discipline that’s been building through the practice of daily blogging, but this year I’m leaning more towards a focus on developing the quality (rather than quantity) of my writing.

Now, a challenge to… put down the iPad!

A couple of Facebook friends shared that they were participating in the Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge, which motivated me to commit to a reading challenge of my own for the first time in several years. This time I chose to set my goal at 60 books in 2013, which will mean reading an average of five books per month. I’ve done it before (albeit pre-iPad!), so I should be able to get back in the swing of things and do it again. I’ll just have to be firm with myself about putting away the gadgets (unless it’s my Kindle or the iPad’s Kindle app) and picking up a book instead!

Psst… you can choose your own goal – any number you want – and join the challenge too!

My choice to kick off the reading challenge was Life From Scratch by Melissa Ford. I thought it was a rather fitting and symbolic selection, as Melissa is the Section Editor of BlogHer‘s Blogging & Social Media section (which includes NaBloPoMo), and I had just finished my year of daily NaBloPoMo blogging the day prior. It was definitely a great pick and a perfect way to start off my reading year – I lost myself in the book, loved the characters and New York City setting, was tickled with the blogging aspect of the plot, and was sad to see the story come to an end. (I hear rumours that there may be a sequel, and I’m fervently hoping that’s the case!) Meeting Melissa in person at BlogHer ’12 was a thrill, and I’m looking forward to catching up with her again at BlogHer ’13.

Random Delights & Inspiration

Found in my travels on the internet…

  • ReFashionista – written by a blogger who takes unwearable (and often hideous!) thrift store finds and magically refashions them into lovely (and most definitely wearable) outfits. I am enthralled by this blog, and now wish I had the ability and inclination to sew (not to mention the patience for thrift shopping)!
  • Humans of New York – a Facebook page with gorgeous photographs that make me long to visit my favourite city once again.
  • Orla Reynolds furniture design: “As If From Nowhere” – an ingenious and creative piece of furniture that combines form and function to make the most of a small space.
  • Michael Moore Facebook post on self-acceptance and going for a walk… for no other reason than simply going for a walk.

Photo A Day Challenge

Last month I participated in the December photo a day challenge, and because I’ve been enjoying the exercises so much I’ve decided to continue on with the January photo a day challenge. I’m sharing my photos daily on Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr, and weekly here on Alphabet Salad. (Clicking on any of the photos below will take you to my Flickr account.)

December photo a day challenge – Week 6

December 31, 2012

#FMSphotoaday December 31 - Self-portrait

January photo a day challenge – Week 1

January 1, 2013
(Happy Birthday to me!)

#FMSphotoaday January 1 - Today

January 2, 2013
Something new

#FMSphotoaday January 2 - Something new

January 3, 2013

#FMSphotoaday January 3 - Heart

January 4, 2013
The view from here

#FMSphotoaday January 4 - The view from here

January 5, 2013

#FMSphotoaday January 5 - Movement

January 6, 2013

#FMSphotoaday January 6 - Mine

Now, what’s happening in YOUR world?

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