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Sunday Summary – Life in a Flurry Edition

Happy February! At the risk of sounding trite, I seriously can’t believe we’re already into the second month of 2013. Life is certainly flying by!

Well, it’s flying by for me, anyway, in a flurry of Italian classes, work, web design and blog writing, dinner out, and bowling. (Yes, I did say bowling – my first time doing so in years! I’m not going to tell you my final score, but it was distinctly UNimpressive. I had a ton of fun, though!)

Time isn’t flying by quite so speedily for Peter, unfortunately. He is bored, frustrated, and restless – largely because he’s starting to feel better and raring to go, yet feels like there’s no end in sight to this whole using a walker business. Poor guy. 🙁

In Case You Missed It

You missed nothing. Nothing, I say!

Random Delights & Inspiration

Found in my travels…

Photo A Day Challenge

This past month I participated in the January photo a day challenge, and am now carrying on with the February challenge. I’m sharing my photos daily on Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr, and weekly here on Alphabet Salad. (Clicking on any of the photos below will take you to my Flickr account.)

January 28, 2013

#fmsphotoaday January 28 - Through

January 29, 2013

#fmsphotoaday January 29 - Grow

January 30, 2013

#fmsphotoaday January 30 - Down

January 31, 2013

#fmsphotoaday January 31 - Yourself

February 1, 2013

#fmsphotoaday February 1 - Fork

February 2, 2013

#fmsphotoaday February 2 - Pattern

February 3, 2013
Something beginning with ‘E’

#fmsphotoaday February 3 - Something beginning with 'E'

Now, what’s happening in YOUR world?

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