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Sunday Summary – Life Got Busy Edition

I mulled over some ideas, I drafted a couple of posts, I had the best of intentions… I promise! But transitioning from a blissful two-week holiday break and plenty of time to myself to the busy-ness of my regular schedule proved to be a bit of a shock to the system… and without a commitment to NaBloPoMo to keep me diligently posting every day, I’m afraid writing – and my blog – took a back seat to living life (and trying to catch up on sleep!).

Unfortunately this coming week doesn’t promise to be a whole lot better, schedule-wise, as I have several irons in the fire including the startup of Italian classes (Level 2!)… but I’ll do my best over the next few weeks to settle into a routine that includes writing and tending to my blog.

Thank you for sticking with me!

In Case You Missed It

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Random Delights & Inspiration

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Photo A Day Challenge

This month I’m participating in the January photo a day challenge. I’m sharing my photos daily on Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr, and weekly here on Alphabet Salad. (Clicking on any of the photos below will take you to my Flickr account.)

January 7, 2013

#FMSphotoaday January 7 - Street

January 8, 2013
Something beginning with ‘T’

#FMSphotoaday January 8 - Something beginning with 'T'

January 9, 2013

#FMSphotoaday January 9 - Paper

January 10, 2013
One o’clock

#FMSphotoaday January 10 - One o'clock

January 11, 2013

#FMSphotoaday January 11 - Water

January 12, 2013

#FMSphotoaday January 12 - Surprise

January 13, 2013

#FMSphotoaday January 13 - Circle

Now, what’s happening in YOUR world?

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