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Squirrelled Herbs

Squirrels are so sweet, aren’t they? With their fluffy tails and tiny paws and cute cheeks? The way they chase each other up and down the telephone poles and across the fencetops? Their adorable nibbling action?

Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

Until they took over my herb garden.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d found evidence of interfering wildlife the first morning after my container garden had been transplanted outdoors. That day I tidied the small mess, hoping that once we got the containers up onto their stands it would discourage the critters from getting involved again.

Not so.

Every day I head downstairs to see what damage has been wrought, and almost every day I grimly sweep up the dirt and straighten the poor mistreated plants.

05-31-2012 Squirrelled Herbs 1

05-31-2012 Squirrelled Herbs 2

I’m not sure how much more stress the plants can take, or how long it’ll be before the beasts dig them up completely.

Little creeps.

I don’t really know what to do next – whether to bring the garden indoors again (not at all what I’d hoped would happen), or fashion some sort of mesh cage around the containers (that’s hubby’s suggestion, though I half suspect it would do no more than slow down the menaces), or something else entirely that just hasn’t occurred to me yet.

Any thoughts?!

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