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Spa Toes

If you have never taken the time or spent the money to have a professional pedicure… well, what are you waiting for? Go! Now! Pick up the phone and make an appointment! I can promise that you will not be sorry!

I am one of those people who had never taken the time or spent the money… but today I had my first ever professional pedicure, and wow… I will most definitely be doing that again! I suppose nothing has really changed – I still have the same ghostly white skin and my feet are the same shape and size as they were when I left the house this morning… but I feel about 100% more relaxed and pampered and cared-for.

Totally worth it!

07-31-2012 spa toes

While our feet were soaking in our own delightfully warm and bubbly baths, my friend noticed a sign proclaiming a pedicure special – $25 all day, any day throughout the month of September. Guess what I’ll be doing?!

What do you do to treat yourself?

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