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Small reasons to celebrate

I am grateful today, because…

…downtown Victoria is now all lit up for the holiday season – lots of sparkly lights wherever you look – and it’s magical!

…live Christmas trees are being sold in Bastion Square. The aroma is memory-evoking, pure intoxication.

…I had an amazingly productive day in which all sorts of things just clicked into place – a great start to a very busy few days before the boss leaves for a month.

…my co-workers helped me greatly by cooperating, timing-wise, with something I’d requested of them (something that’s normally a bit of a struggle each month).

nablo_sat_1109_120x200…my adapter finally arrived from Hong Kong, which means I am now liberated from my mind-numbingly slow desktop computer and back on the portable speedy netbook. I don’t think anyone (with the exception, perhaps, of my long-suffering husband) can fully appreciate the difference this makes to my life!

…with this post, I have completed a full month of NaBloPoMo. Go, me!

Each of these may be small, but added up they make for a pretty nice day.

NaBloPoMo entry/discussions

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