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Sketchy Saturday No. 6

Hello from a very-busy-socially-and-therefore-very-negligent-blogger! I know I’ve been rather scarce around these parts lately – my schedule has been full to bursting (welcome to December!) with today being the first breather I’ve had in two weeks, and I just haven’t been able to make the time to dedicate to posting. There are only so many hours in a day, right?! But today is Sketchy Saturday and I’m BACK on the blog, excited to share all about this week’s fun Draw & Sketch class.

Hope you enjoy!

I was on my own this week, as my friend wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t make it to class – and quite honestly, I almost bailed as well, as I was dying for a night off from all the craziness. But, knowing that there were only two classes left, I dragged myself out of the house for yet another evening – and am glad I did, as I had a great time and learned a lot.

The theme of the lesson was caricatures, and we spent the entire evening drawing various exaggerated cartoon-like characters to learn how to communicate personality through features, posture, size, details, and so on.

We started with cute, drawing a baby and a little devil…

Draw & Sketch Class 6

…then a Big Bad Evil Guy…

Draw & Sketch Class 6

…followed by a Mad Scientist (though mind ended up looking more like a Crazed Clown!)…

Draw & Sketch Class 6

…then a strong superhero…

Draw & Sketch Class 6

…and a weak geek…

Draw & Sketch Class 6

…and finally two witches in differing degrees of friendliness.

Draw & Sketch Class 6 Draw & Sketch Class 6

Fun, right?!

Now we have just one class left, which is apparently going to move away from cartoony and back to fine art, with a lesson on shadows. I’m looking forward to it, but will be so sad when we’re all done. I need to think of how I can continue to learn when it’s over!

How have you been creative this week?
Please share!

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